Code for Children/ Young People

Code for Children/ Young People

The promotion of good practice in tennis will depend on the co-operation of all involved,

including child members of the organisation/ clubs.

Children/Young Players in the club should:
  • Be happy, have fun and enjoy taking part in the sport.
  • Be treated fairly by everyone, adults and other players.
  • Feel safe and secure when you are taking part in your sport.
  • Be listened to and allowed to reply.
  • Be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Have a voice in the decisions that affect you within the club and organisation.
  • Say no to something which makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • Know that any details about you are treated with confidentiality but if you are at risk
  • of harm or we are worried about your safety we may need to pass this information on.
  • Know who to go to if you feel unsafe.

Your responsibilities are to:
  • Treat all sports leaders/coaches with respect.
  • Play fairly at all times, have fun and do your best.
  • Respect other players and your opponents.
  • Never to use unfair or bullying tactics to gain advantage on or off the court.
  • Pass on gossip or spread rumours about another player or adult.
  • Keep to the rules and guidelines set by Tennis Ireland, the Province and your Club and make sure you understand the rules.
  • Take part in your tennis without cheating.
  • Listen to and respect decisions made by others; if you feel unjustly treated you can talk to your Club Children’s Officer or your parents;
  • Behave in a manner that is respectful.
  • Never use violence or bad language; do not shout or argue with leaders, team mates or opposing participants
  • Talk with your Coach or Club Children’s Officer if you have any difficulties or do not understand something; you should never keep secrets about any person who may have caused you harm or has made you feel upset.

*Please note that the person signing the parent/guardian section must ensure they have parental responsibility for the child.
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