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Senior Squash


Squash Senior Ladder

Open to new entrants and players of any level. We plan to run the ladder throughout the summer.

We encourage anybody interested in squash to join the ladder as this is a great way to meet other club members, whilst also playing one of the healthiest games in the world.


Junior Squash Development

posted 9 Oct 2015, 02:03 by Limerick Lawn Tennis Club 1877   [ updated 24 May 2019, 09:00 by lltc1877 management ]

Junior Squash development at LLTC Mondays at 7.30pm. All juniors (6-17 years old) welcome.  (except Bank holiday's)


Any juniors who are not playing on the club junior box league and wish to do so should contact

Introduction to Squash in LLTC - The Rules

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• Squash is now considered one of the healthiest sports on the planet
• Squash is a form of high-intensity interval training - intense short rallies/games with rest periods in between.
• Unlike ‘aerobic’ training (jogging, walking, cycling, swimming etc.)  HI training has been shown to have a profoundly more positive impact on cardiovascular fitness, heart-rate variability, blood pressure, immune strength and mood.
• Not only is HI training becoming more widely accepted as extremely beneficial it has the added benefit of being a shorter, less time-consuming workout - a typical squash match lasts between 40 mins to an hour.
• Squash is played by over 30,000,000 people in 188 countries worldwide.
• The only equipment needed is a racket, ball and court shoes.
• As well as its many health benefits, squash requires levels of focus and skill not found in many other sports/fitness activities - a common reason for lapsed gym memberships and unattended fitness classes is that over time they just become boring an unstimulating. Being a member of an active squash club guarantees access to other players of our own standard to ensure players remain engaged and rewarded for their efforts.
• At LLTC we have an active membership who regularly participate in our club box league and various tournaments throughout the year. These social events are ideal for meeting and getting to know other players.
• Coaching, too, is offered in the club for players of all standards by a fully qualified instructor. 
• The governing body of squash in Ireland is Irish Squash.


1. Squash is played in an enclosed court with a small rubber ball and squash rackets.
2. The aim of the game is to strike the ball off any wall (as long as it hits the front wall once) so that it bounces twice before your opponent can return it or so that it forces an error from your opponent i.e. hitting the ball out of court or hitting a ‘tin’ (the area on the front wall below the lower red line).
3. To begin, players must spin a racket to decide who serves. The server then, after selecting which side of the court to serve from, stands with one foot inside the service box and must hit the ball directly to the front wall (from their hand) so that it then rebounds into the opposite back corner of the court where their opponent is waiting.
4. The returner can then let the ball bounce once or volley it to make a ‘good’ return.
5. Once the rally has begun each player can play the ball off of any of the 4 walls so long as it strikes the front wall once. The ball must strike the wall INSIDE the upper red lines surrounding the court.
6. The first player to 11 points wins the game. If the score reaches 10-10 a margin of 2 points is necessary to win the game. 
7. A match consists of the best of 5 games.
8. Squash is the only racket sport where both players share the same physical space so care must be taken to avoid obstructing the other 
9. If interference occurs - with the result that one player cannot access the ball, swing freely or play the ball directly to the front wall - a ‘let’ is played and the point is replayed.
10. If a player obstructs another without clearly making every effort to avoid the interference a ‘stroke’ is played and the obstructed player wins

Junior and Senior Squash coaching

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Squash coaching is not available at the moment for Senior and Junior members.

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