Limerick Lawn membership.

About tennis and squash

Tennis is a fantastic social sport for families and friends of all ages. Simply put, tennis comprises the ultimate full body workout, maintaining health and fitness. It involves constant movement, changes of direction, and fast movements from a standing start. Add in the fact that legs, arms, shoulders, core, and back muscles are all worked and you have the complete package. Unlike traditional forms of exercise, tennis never gets boring, it is fun and you can play for hours. 
As similar gamein 2003, Forbes rated Squash as the number one healthiest sport to play in the world. It is currently the fastest growing sport in the UK. At Limerick Lawn TC, we are also eager to cultivate the social aspect of both games keeping our members playing and entertained all year long. Any new member is always welcome. Click here to find out more about our membership options.

Membership options/costs and Registration

Registration through the office only, Membership runs for 12 months -  January to December.
Family €825
Single €445
Intermediate €350 (Under 28yrs - proof of age required)
Student €200 (in date student ID required)
Junior €120
Please contact the club administration office using the contact listed here if you have any inquiry regarding club membership.
We can also organise an appointment in the club to give you a tour of the facilities and discuss the membership details face to face.